29.1 Before award

Upon completion of negotiations, if applicable, and before awarding any information technology (IT) contract, the assigned procurement lead must validate the supplier is in compliance with the following critical or statutory requisites:

Unless exempted through legislation, before awarding any IT contract valued at $100,000 or greater, or a contract for a major project, agencies must obtain required VITA reviews and approvals. Additionally, the Procurement Governance Review (PGR) process must be followed for any technology investment valued at $250,000 or greater. A major information technology project means any Commonwealth information technology project that has a total estimated cost of more than $1 million or that has been designated a major information technology project by the Secretary pursuant to § 2.2-225. Refer to § 2.2-2006§ 2.2-2007(9), § 2.2-2016.1 and § 2.2-2020 of the Code of Virginia and Chapter 1 - VITA's Purpose and Scope of this manual, VITA's Purpose and Scope, for detail regarding these requirements. Prior to posting notice of award, the procurement file and contract must be prepared to be available for review by other suppliers.

Evaluation team members are requested to complete and submit the evaluation team survey in Appendix A at the close of each procurement where an evaluation was conducted. The procurement's lead or single-point-of-contact should provide team members with the survey form and submission details. VITA SCM is collecting and sharing lessons learned. Commonwealth IT procurement professionals and project managers may contact scminfo@vita.virginia.gov if interested in obtaining and/or sharing evaluation team lessons learned.

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