[Chapter 25 pdf]

Chapter highlights:

Purpose: This chapter provides discussion of how to create an effective and well-prepared information technology (IT) contract document.

Key points:

  • The formation of an effective contract starts while drafting the solicitation.
  • All IT contracts should promote excellence in supplier performance.
  • Due to the nature of technology procurement, and the many risks associated with these public investments, there are many specific contractual provisions that must be included in a technology contract which agencies do not normally use for non-technology purchases.
  • The lead procurement professional assigned to a technology contract is accountable for ensuring the inclusion of relevant federal and Code of Virginia contract provisions and any VITA-required IT specific contractual terms.

25.2 The offer
25.3 Acceptance of an offer
25.4 Forming an IT contract
25.6 Federal contractual requirements
25.7 VITA contractual requirements
25.8 VITA recommendations for a successful IT contract

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