Appendix F: VITA SCM RFP Timeline Template (Provided as an example)

(Name of Project)



Start Date

Projected Completion Date



Requirements Definition Phase


Conduct Client Interview


Draft statement of need/scope. Obtain agreement from business owner, and copies of any VITA project management, VITA governance, CIO and/or federal approval documents for the procurement file.


Make small business set-aside determination and remove barriers and obstacles to encourage participation


RFP approval letter and SCM justification for RFP, as applicable


Contact Customer Account Manager


Develop Procurement Timeline


Assemble Evaluation Team


Document Functional Requirements


Document Technical Requirements


Add or use template to include all general, statutory, special, IT specific (e.g., Cloud, escrow, warranties, IT specific insurance, IT Accessibility, etc.) terms and conditions


Develop Evaluation Criteria - Scoring Weights


Complete Request For Proposal (RFP) Draft


Obtain Required Reviews/Approvals (CIO, ECOS, OAG, other)


Complete RFP Final Package


Negotiation Phase


Contact SCM SWAM Outreach person


Release RFP to Supply Base


Advertise in newspaper and eVA


Conduct Pre-Proposal Conference


Submit Addendums as Appropriate


Receive and Distribute Proposals


Facilitate Evaluation of Proposals


Determine Short List of Suppliers


Conduct Short List In-Depth Evaluation


Negotiate with Top Suppliers


Complete Contract Negotiations


Confirm Supplier Compliance with all Statutory award requirements


Execution Phase


Conduct Legal, CIO, ECOS OAG Contract Reviews and obtain any required approvals and place copies in procurement file


Sign and Award Contract


Post Notice of Contract Award


Conduct Contract Orientation Meeting



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