24.5 Preparing an RFP

24.5.7 Examples of IT evaluation criteria

The most common evaluation criteria used in IT procurements are assessment of the supplier's:

  • Proposal quality including required submission and format, readability, neatness, and clarity. The proposal should be logical, reasonable and professional.
  • Understanding and responsiveness to the RFP’s requirements, terms and conditions.
  • Technical approach and compliance with the RFP’s technical requirements.
  • Overall approach to performing the contract or meeting the requirements of the RFP, including warranty offerings.
  • Proposed plan for performing needed services.
  • Overall understanding of the project and the business need(s).
  • Proposed methodology for performing the project.
  • Proposed implementation/orientation/start-up procedures and efforts.
  • Commitment and flexibility to the project’s schedule requirements.
  • Approach and plan for managing the project.
  • Training, reports and documentation offered.
  • Proposed maintenance plan and costs.
  • Expansion and upgrade capabilities and costs.
  • Problem resolution/escalation process.
  • Willingness and approach to meet environmental objectives (if applicable).
  • Non-acceptance of statutory and crucial contractual terms and conditions.

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