24.14 Evaluation and scoring of proposals

24.14.9 Identify top contenders

To develop the initial recommendation, the SPOC will schedule a meeting of the evaluation team to review the results of the testing/pilot project, value/cost ratio and preliminary contract negotiations. A DSBSD-certified Small Business or Veteran disabled Business might be able to win an award, even if not the highest ranked Offeror. Where conflicts arise, the team will rely upon the consensus rules established at the beginning of the process.

Any open issues or issues in need of further clarification will be documented by the SPOC and included in the negotiation strategy. This documentation will be included in the official procurement file. Agency resource personnel and SMEs who are not members of the evaluation team may attend the scheduled meeting and provide input into the initial recommendation. The SPOC will ensure that all project requirements have been addressed.

Key evaluation questions:

  • Are these suppliers aligned with VITA's business needs?
  • Are they positioned for future growth and competition?
  • Do our contracts preserve our leverage in a changing business environment?

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