22.16 Procurement file documentation requirements

The procurement file for competitively sealed bid procurements should contain:

  • A copy of the printed IFB document
  • Proof of posting - eVA
  • Bid tabulation
  • Signed, original tabulation sheet
  • Identification of date, time and place of bid opening and attendees
  • List of all bids received
  • List of bids ranked numerically with the lowest bidder at number one
  • Documentation of any negotiations
  • Any bid protest correspondence
  • Documentation to support the inability to set-aside the procurement for a small business or a small business owned by a disabled veteran.
  • Documentation of factual support explaining why a bidder is determined to be non-responsive or non-responsible, including any protest/decision documentation and evidence of having supplied written notification to bidder
  • Documentation showing verification of non-debarred status with the DGS Commonwealth debarred list and with the federal EPLS system
  • Documentation covering receipt and disposition of samples
  • Documentation as to any amendments, cancellations, denial of bid withdrawals, etc.

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