1.8 CIO approval required for certain IT procurements via the PGR process

1.8.3 CIO recommendation for approval and termination of major IT projects

According to § 2.2-2016.1, the CIO shall have the authority to "review and approve or disapprove the selection or termination of any Commonwealth information technology project. The CIO shall disapprove any executive branch agency request to initiate a major information technology project or related procurement if funding for such project has not been included in the budget bill in accordance with § 2.2-1509.3, unless the Governor has determined that an emergency exists and a major information technology project is necessary to address the emergency. The CIO shall disapprove any Commonwealth information technology projects that do not conform to the Commonwealth strategic plan for information technology developed and approved pursuant to subdivision A 3 of § 2.2-2007.1 or to the strategic plan of executive branch agencies developed and approved pursuant to § 2.2-2014.

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