VITA Innovation Program (VIP) is interested in technology that enables the following initiatives:

  • Emphasize programs and tools that enable all citizens to interact with government safely and securely, and when, how and where they want to interact.
  • Improve information-sharing and governance to derive quality information from data already collected.
  • Leverage technology to improve worker productivity and make state employment more attractive to the current and future workforce.
  • Support educational attainment initiatives that are key to achieving state economic development and quality of life goals.
  • Expand technology platforms and productivity tools that support Virginia's goal of remaining the best managed state.
  • Support initiatives that will make Virginia the leader in information technology (IT) security and cyber security.
  • Expand and support enterprise and collaborative IT services.

VITA Innovation Program is specifically interested in technologies that relate to Commonwealth of Virginia Strategic Plan for Information Technology.

To participate, agencies and suppliers* are asked to fill out the VITA Innovation Program Enrollment Form and a representative will contact you for next steps.

* Supplier participation in the VITA Innovation Program will not constitute a procurement under the Virginia Public Procurement Act (§2.2-4300 et seq. of the Code of Virginia) nor will any participation result in a contract award for any product or service. Rather, the findings of the program may play a part in the development of VITA's procurement planning.