Meeting Center Data Conferencing: Tier Pricing

Price: See Description

Unit of Measure: Per Concurrent User

Pricing Type: Fixed

Billing Cycle: One-Time

Service Lead: Michael Melton (Interim)


VITA Meeting Center Web conferencing lets you host virtually any business meeting via the Internet. It's easy, interactive and highly effective. With nothing more than a browser, VITA Meeting Center transforms your computer into a powerful online meeting forum that integrates the Web and a conference call allowing you to communicate with anyone, anywhere - no travel required.

Meeting Center Data Conferencing: Tier I (Price per unit when ordering 1 or more)  $214.66
Meeting Center Data Conferencing: Tier II (Price per unit when ordering 20 or more)  $178.63
Meeting Center Data Conferencing: Tier III (Price per unit when ordering 30 or more)  $161.32
Meeting Center Data Conferencing: Tier IV (Price per unit when ordering 50 or more)  $142.60
Meeting Center Data Conferencing: Tier V (Price per unit when ordering 100 or more)  $133.98
Meeting Center Data Conferencing: Tier VI (Price per unit when ordering 200 or more)  $119.57

Additional product information:

Use VITA meeting center for

  • Product Demonstrations: Conduct a real-time software demonstration to show your product in action
  • Document Review Meetings: Review and make instant edits to contracts, budget spreadsheets, marketing materials, or website changes with team members
  • Project Updates: Create a collaborative meeting environment for sharing and developing new ideas amongst your project team

Pricing reflects the cost for the # concurrent users (set by the Tier).

Meeting Center Data Conferencing: Overage charges may apply.

Additional per-minute charges apply based on the Meeting Center Conferencing Usage Rate.


Subscription to Meeting Center Data Conferencing or Meeting Center Data Conferencing: NH15 Tier.

For information on managing your account including add-on conferencing services and related items visit: Voice and Video Reservationless Conferencing.

For additional product information and Comparison by Tier visit: Voice & Video Overview.

How to Order

Note: Only telecommunications coordinators may place orders for conferencing services.

Order via TSR. TSR forms can be found in the Service Catalog Form Library.

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