Contact Center Service (CCS): Supervisor

Price: $298.03

Unit of Measure: Per Unit

Pricing Type: Fixed

Billing Cycle: Monthly

Service Lead: Michael Melton (Interim)


Monthly recurring fee for each supervisor  and registered within CCS.

One-time non-recurring fee options:

Contact Center Service (CCS): One-Time Implementation

Contact Center Service (CCS): One-Time Activation

Recurring monthly fee options:

Contact Center Service (CCS): Agent
For each agent and registered within CCS

Contact Center Service (CCS): Supervisor
For each supervisor and registered within CCS.

Contact Center Service (CCS): Ports
For each port reserved as a call queue.

Contact Center Service (CCS): Call Recording
For each agent and supervisor and supervisor designated to initiate call recordings

Contact Center Service (CCS): Additional Remote Storage
For each additional GB of remote storage for call recording per agent and supervisor

Contact Center Service (CCS): Usage Fee
For total number of minutes as reported by the CCS each month

For additional product information and Comparison by Tier visit: Voice & Video Overview.


How to Order

Order via TSR. TSR online form can be found in the Service Catalog form library.

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