​Meet your IT procurement needs through the services and information provided by VITA's Supply Chain Management division. 

General Information

Supply Chain Solutions are activities traditionally thought of with "procurement" including finding suppliers (sourcing), obtaining the goods and services (provisioning or purchasing) and managing suppliers (contract and supplier management).  These activities leverage external relationships to provide the best value IT solutions that meet the Commonwealth's business needs. 

Customers use Supply Chain Solutions primarily by: 

  • Ordering from VITA’s statewide contracts
  • Placing V-coded purchase requisitions in eVA for VITA to order on their behalf
  • Calling or emailing ( SCMinfo@vita.virginia.gov) VITA Supply Chain Management (SCM) for support in using VITA’s contracts and interacting with suppliers

Services in the Offering

Supply Chain Solutions are made up of three distinct services: 

  • Provisioning Services
  • Sourcing Services
  • Contract/Supplier Management Services


Generally, all public bodies are eligible to use supply chain solutions – state agencies, local governments, higher education, local K-12 school systems, authorities, boards, etc. 


Statewide contracts leverage the Commonwealth’s buying power resulting in cost savings to public bodies as well as significantly reducing the staff time spent by public bodies on conducting separate procurements. 

Typical business benefits and cost savings

SCM adds value to the Commonwealth by: 

  • Conducting between 15 to 25 major procurement initiatives each year
  • Resulting in 20 – 70 new contracts with
  • Cost savings between $10 to $30 million dollars

SCM also: 

  • Manages over 300 contracts
  • Processes over 7,500 requisitions each year
  • Made statewide contracts more useful - growing spend under contract by 25% per year and
  • Awarded over 40% of contracts to SWaM suppliers

Additional benefits

There are approximately 150 statewide IT contracts for use by all public bodies: 

  • VITA has contracts with leading IT manufacturers and suppliers for computers, software, storage , printers, audio/visual equipment, telecommunications, cellular services, contractors, consultants and more
  • These contracts are awarded and ready to use – VITA has performed the procurement functions, saving valuable staff time and other resources
  • These contracts can be further leveraged for volume buys

Ordering the services

VITA’s statewide contracts can be found here: https://vita.cobblestonesystems.com/public/ 

Information about ordering through VITA can be found here: http://www.vita.virginia.gov/scm/default.aspx?id=85 

Information/issues regarding VITA’s contracts or suppliers should be directed to: SCMinfo@vita.virginia.gov​ 

Customers obligations

Customer obligations are outlined in the Virginia Public Procurement Act (VPPA), VITA’s procurement policies and procedures as well as detailed in the relevant contract. 

The "go to" person for this offering

For more information please contact: 

Phil Pippert 
Director, Supply Chain Management 
Virginia Information Technologies Agency 
11751 Meadowville Lane 
Chester, VA 23836 
(804) 416-6169 

Customers may also contact SCMinfo@vita.virginia.gov or their VITA customer account manager (CAM).