Service Lead: Vernard Brown

The Personal Computing service offering includes all aspects of the desktop computing environment as well as printer and copier devices.

Services within the offering:

Agency-owned Device Support
The Agency-owned device support (AODS) service is targeted to agencies that purchase and own qualifying devices. The owning agency will manage the hardware warranty directly with the device manufacturer.  The owning agency will enroll the device in the AODS service, and pay a monthly service fee. The services included in that fee are: VCCC help desk support, hard drive encryption and the LAN port.

Personal Computing Data Encryption
Personal Computing Data Encryption provides hard drive encryption for personal computers (desktops, laptops and tablets) consisting of a software license and maintenance, technical services associated with installation (testing, training, and deployment) and on-going technical support. 

Personal Computing Devices
VITA offers separate rates for desktops, laptops and tablets. When agencies request personal computers, they have the option of selecting a premium or a standard configuration. 

Personal Computing Support
VITA provides bundled personal computing services that includes equipment purchase, installation, maintenance, software licensing, renewal, patches, upgrades, direct labor and indirect expenses such as security, help desk and administration. Bundled software includes: Microsoft Operating System, Office Pro Plus (Word, Excel, Access, PowerPoint, Publisher, Infopath), Adobe Reader, McAfee and Winzip (OS provided). 

Printer and Copier Devices
Printer service. Copiers can be procured based on specifications, capabilities, and expected service output. 

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