Service Lead: David Williams

Services within the offering:

Commonwealth of Virginia (COV) Wide Area Network (WAN) Services
Each circuit and managed router providing Multiprotocol Label Switching Service (MPLS) connectivity with customer selection of bandwidth: 128Kbps - 150Mbps (higher speeds are on a SONET ring).   

Enterprise Remote Connection Service (ERCS)
Allows customers to use secure tunnels across the internet to connect to the commonwealth network. Wi-fi service can be requested and implemented as a single non-mobile access point (AP) embedded in the router.   

Local Area Network (LAN) - Network Access Charge 
The LAN Network Access Charge is the sum of resource unit quantities for Physical Unix and NT Winamp; Virtual Unix and NT Winamp; other servers, PC Support for Desktops, Laptops, Tablets, Network Attached Printers (all categories) and Copiers (all categories). 

Managed Firewall 
The Managed Firewall Service allows customers to safeguard their IT infrastructure by preventing unauthorized access to their internal network, secure critical information or address federal government regulations or third-party compliance.   

Managed Router 
Managed Router Service is a network-based virtual private network (VPN) service enabling any-to-any communications over a secure network.   

Secured Wireless
Secured Wireless service provides secure wireless 802.11A/B/G access for commonwealth users and guests (if requested).

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