Service Lead: Jamey Stone

The Messaging Service Offering includes everything related to email and mailboxes. Plus handheld services, instant messaging, COV network access and Domain Name Services (DNS).

Services within the offering:
*All pricing listed is effective June 1, 2018. Billing will continue at current rates until then.

Messaging Mailbox Email - Messaging Mailbox Email service is a robust, cloud-based solution for email, calendar, and messaging.

Virtru Email Encryption - Secure Email service enables the commonwealth to encrypt emails, attachments, files and other content shared from messaging mailbox accounts.

Google Vault - Messaging archiving service is an enterprise-wide solution that allows any customer subscribed to Messaging Mailbox to archive all inbound and outbound emails.

Enterprise Handheld Service (Google MDM) - Enterprise Handheld Services Mobile Device Management (MDM) provides users the capability to access email, calendar, and contacts within the COV environment securely from Android & iOS mobile devices, including tablets.

ESNA Fax to Email – Enterprise Fax service is an enhancement to existing messaging mailbox services that provides users the capability to send or receive faxes from an email mailbox.

ESNA Voicemail to Email – Esna Officelinx Messaging lets you access and manage voice messages right from your email. (Must be a UCaaS customer)

Hosted Mail Archiving (Veritas) - Hosted Mail Archiving service is an enterprise-wide solution that will allow for any customer receiving standard Messaging Services through COV Enterprise email to archive all inbound and outbound emails.

Instant Messaging (Google Hangouts) - Instant Messaging with Google Hangouts enables users to send and receive instant messages in real time communication with chats of up to 100 people in a group discussion.

Airwatch MAM/Secure Browser - Airwatch for Mobile Application Management (MAM) enables state employees to securely access and manage Commonwealth of Virginia (COV) applications on a mobile device, including deployment to devices.  Agencies will have to prepare applications for mobile deployment.

Airwatch for secure browser enables users to seamlessly and securely connect to internal web-based resources such as intranet sites and Sharepoint without making those resources externally facing.

Product List