Order Methods

To help you use the proper methods for ordering services click here to view the Infrastructure Services with Order Methods.

  • Work Requests are used to order or modify services that cannot be addressed via other ordering processes. There are two types: Custom and Standard. A custom work request requires the development of a solution, while a standard work request has a predefined solution. Requirements forms for custom work requests and standard work request forms can be found in the Service Catalog Form Library.

  • Service Requests may be placed by contacting the VITA Customer Care Center VCCC using the link on the left of this page.

  • TSR are Telecommunications Service Requests, placed using an online form found in the Service Catalog Form Library.

  • eVA ordered items may be handled by your procurement specialist. Visit eVA's website for more information

NOTE: The most up-to-date instructions can be found in How To Order box on every product detail page.

Standard work requests

VITA has established standard solutions for its most requested services. Time to production is significantly reduced if customer environments fit the conditions detailed on each service webpage. Each of these services has its own MS Word form detailing specifications, options, and implementation initiation sign-off. Find them in the Service Catalog Form Library.

Online functions

The service catalog team is announcing the availability of new functions for requesting and reviewing work requests for VITA services. Agency IT Resource personnel (AITRs) may access an online Work Request Management (WRM) database. These AITRs may also authorize their agency's staff to submit work requests via the VITA Service Catalog website. AITRs may then review, edit and submit these requests to VITA.

AITRs may request online access

AITRs may contact VITAonestop@vita.virginia.gov to initiate their access to WRM, and authorize access for some or all agency staff to the service catalog submission function. CAMs will be asked to approve requests. Target response is within two business days.

Ready-to-Use Contracts

Interested in our ready-to-use contracts? Visit our contracts page.

Transitional Service Offerings

Our offerings include computing and telecommunication services targeted to enable government to better serve Virginia's citizens. In an effort to simplify our service offerings we have grouped them into 'custom infrastructure services' and 'bundled infrastructure services'. The 'custom' services are inclusive of the individual computing services required to process customer applications. The 'bundled' services are inclusive of hardware, software, maintenance and support.

In most cases, the rates posted on VITA's website for Executive Branch agencies are the same as they would be for non-executive branch agencies. Custom processing may be charged at different rates.