Service Lead: Steve Marzolf

The Virginia Geographic Information Network (VGIN) provides several base mapping services for accessing or developing geospatial data. These services include statewide orthophotography (aerial photography), road centerlines and geocoding services. A statewide contract for aerial photography and related base mapping development is available for use in the Commonwealth.

Services in the Offering

Virginia Base Mapping Program (VBMP) Aerial Photography Acquisition
The aerial photography acquisition statewide contract is available for developing orthophotograpy and related products.

Virginia Base Mapping Program (VBMP) Aerial Photography Web Services
This service is available as RESTful web mapping services for use within Geographic Information Systems (GIS) software.

Virginia Base Mapping Program (VBMP) Geocoding Web Service
VITA offers a freely available address geocoding service.

Virginia Base Mapping Program (VBMP) Road Center Line (RCL)
This service is a statewide and regional GIS dataset that portrays all public roads in the Commonwealth.

Product List