Service Lead: Dorothy Spears-Dean

The Public Safety Communications Division provides three E-911 Emergency Services. These services are Commercial Mobile Radio Services (CMRS) Cost Recovery, E-911 Strategic Planning, and the Public Safety Answering Point (PSAP) Grant Program. Each of these services are idenitifed in Code and support the efforts of the E-911 Services Board (the "Board").

Services in the Offering:

Commercial Mobile Radio Services (CMRS) - Cost Recovery
This service includes cost recovery for reasonable and direct costs for the provioning of wireless E-911 services. Each year, CMRS providers submit to the Board an estimate of the wireless E-911 CMRS costs it expects to incur during the next fiscal year for review and approval by the Board. 

E-911 Strategic Planning
This service includes a comprehensive, statewide enhanced 9-1-1 plan for wireless E-911, VoIP E-911, and any other future communications technologies accessing E-911 for emergency purposes. Periodically this plan is updated and approved by the Board.

The PSAP Grant Program
This service includes a multi-million dollar grant program administered by the Board to financially assist Virginia primary PSAPs with the purchase of equipment and services that support the continuity and enhancement of wireless E-911. Grant Guidelines are established annually by the Board.

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