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Chapter 7 - Promoting the Commonwealth's Socio-Economic Initiatives

7.1 Small businesses, including small businesses owned by women, minorities and service disabled veterans and micro businesses

7.1.9 Consultation with the Department of Small Business and Supplier Diversity (DSBSD)

Each contracting agency, in consultation with DSBSD and VITA where practical, shall seek to identify those purchases in which contract sizing may influence the availability of purchasing opportunities to micro businesses or small business suppliers (a "size-related contract"). Where these purchases are identified, the agency shall determine whether there are a number of small businesses capable of meeting the purchasing requirements. If the agency identifies no DSBSD-certified small businesses capable of performing the contract requirements, then the agency shall consult with DSBSD to help identify available suppliers unless contract timing issues require the agency or institution to complete the contract process before DSBSD input can be obtained. For any size-related contract for which the agency determines that contract timing issues require contract award without identifying any small business suppliers or consultation with DSBSD, the agency may consult with DSBSD promptly after award of the contract to develop potential small business suppliers for the next similar procurement. Agencies shall work together with DSBSD and the Department of Business Assistance (DBA) to seek to increase the number of DSBSD-certified IT small businesses, including small businesses owned by women, minorities, service-disabled veterans and micro businesses that are available to do business with the Commonwealth.

VITA and other executive branch agencies shall strive to develop procurements and collaborate with DSBSD to locate available small businesses owned service-disabled veteran businesses to encourage their participation. Chapter 680 enacted by the 2018 General Assembly directs "Any executive branch agency's goals under § 2.2-4310 of the Code of Virginia for participation by small businesses shall include within the goals a minimum of 3% participation by service disabled veteran businesses as defined in § 2.2-2000.1 when contracting for goods and services."