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Chapter 7 - Promoting the Commonwealth's Socio-Economic Initiatives

7.1 Small businesses, including small businesses owned by women, minorities and service disabled veterans and micro businesses

7.1.2 Required agency small business plans

Each executive branch agency and institution of the Commonwealth shall prepare and adopt an annual race- and gender-neutral small business plan that specifies its small business goals for procurement in accordance with Executive Order 35 (2019). 

Each agency is responsible for submitting an annual Small, Woman-Owned and Minority- Owned (SWaM) business plan to the Department of Small Business and Supplier Diversity (DSBSD) and the agency’s appropriate cabinet secretary by September 1 of each year. Each plan shall include the annual designation of a SWaM Champion to ensure nondiscrimination in the solicitation and awarding of contracts. 

Agencies which have been delegated procurement authority by VITA to conduct IT procurements shall establish internal procedures consistent with the provisions of the VPPA, Executive Order 35 (2019) and this manual to facilitate the participation of small businesses, including those small businesses owned by women, minorities, service-disabled veterans and micro-businesses, in IT procurement transactions. All IT procurement procedures shall be in writing, comply with the provisions of any enhancement or remedial measures authorized by the Governor pursuant to § 2.2-4310(C) of the Code of Virginia, and shall include specific plans to achieve any goals established therein (Code of Virginia, § 2.2-4310(B)). 

To the extent allowed by law, all public bodies in the Commonwealth do not discriminate against faith-based organizations in accordance with, § 2.2-4343.1 of the Code of Virginia or against a bidder or offeror because of race, religion, color, sex, national origin, age, disability, sexual orientation, gender identity or expression, political affiliation, or status as a service disabled veteran or any other basis prohibited by state law relating to discrimination in employment. Please see § 2.2-4310 of the Code of Virginia.