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Chapter 7 - Promoting the Commonwealth's Socio-Economic Initiatives

7.1 Small businesses, including small businesses owned by women, minorities and service disabled veterans and micro businesses

7.1.11 Prime contractor requirements

VITA solicitations for contracts, regardless of amount l require that the following be included as a contractual requirement of the prime contractor who receives the contract award: 

  •  Monthly Report of Sales and Supplier Procurement and Subcontracting Report: Prime contractors shall submit to VITA: (1) a monthly report of all sales for which the prime contractor has received full and complete payment for under each contract; and (2) a report of monthly subcontracting spend for all subcontractors who provide direct performance for the prime contractor under each contract. The prime contractor will submit these reports using the instructions and further detailed requirements and methods found on the Supplier & Vendor Reporting Requirements webpage at this URL: . 
  •  Supplier Procurement and Subcontracting Plan: Prime contractors shall include a Supplier Procurement and Subcontracting Plan in all proposals. The inclusion of the Supplier Procurement and Subcontracting Plan may be considered when evaluating each bid or offer. The subsequent monthly reports shall reflect compliance with the Supplier Procurement and Subcontracting Plan, subject only to shortfalls and to shortfalls arising from subcontractor default. When such business has been subcontracted to these firms, the contractor agrees to furnish the agency the following information: name of firm, phone number, overall commitment percentage, category type (small; small and women-owned; or small and minority- owned, small business owned by a service- disabled veteran, micro-business, etc.), and type of product/service provided, each month. Final payment under the contract in question may be withheld or the contract may not be renewed, if applicable, until such certification and/or required reporting is delivered and, if necessary, confirmed by the agency or institution, or other appropriate remedies may be assessed in lieu of withholding such payment.