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Chapter 34 - IT Contract Administration

34.6 Contents of contract administration file

At a minimum, each contract administration file should include the following items, as applicable to the specific IT contract:

  • Executed contract
  • Supplier contractually required certifications, licenses and authorizations, including Small (SWaM) Business designation, proof of authorization to transact business in the Commonwealth and Lobbying Certificate
  • Supplier insurance certificates/bond guarantees
  • Stakeholder contact detail
  • Record of actions used to administer the contract
  • Description of contract administrator duties
  • Amendments/modifications
  • Verification of required reporting (i.e., transmittal documents)
  • Copies of any statutory and VITA required approvals, waivers and exceptions related to the procurement and/or contract
  • Copies of agency acceptance approvals
  • Copies of transmittals for government- or supplier-furnished data, information, material and equipment
  • Copies of confidentiality agreements and/or software license user agreements
  • Claims related to the contract
  • Release of claims document
  • Disputes and resolution documentation (including cure notices and termination letters)
  • FOIA requests and responses
  • Final supplier written statement certifying that it has fully complied with the contract's Supplier Procurement and Subcontracting Plan, and if it has not fully complied, a written explanation of any variances between such Plan and the actual participation.
  • Contract closeout documents