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Chapter 34 - IT Contract Administration

34.5 Conduct contract retirement

34.5.1 Update agency/Commonwealth contract, portfolio management and financial systems

The contract administrator will follow its agency's protocol and process for updating any financial or contract systems to move the contract to a closed or inactive status. In some systems, removing the contract completely from an active contract list is required. The contract administrator must ensure all electronic data touch points are updated to reflect a terminated contract status in accordance with their agency's requirements, including any Department of Accounts and Federal Grant Management closeout or reporting requirements, as applicable.

In addition, VITA contract administrators will remove or coordinate with designated process owners (i.e., IFA Coordinator), the need for status change or removal of a terminated statewide contract from the VITA website database, from the posted eVA catalog and from other locations (i.e., IFA supplier database) in accordance with VITA's contract retirement processes and procedures.

For all agencies, the contract administrator should work with the contract's Business Owner/Project Manager or Contract Manager to ensure that terminated contract status updates are processed in the agency's and in any required Commonwealth Portfolio Management systems.