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Chapter 34 - IT Contract Administration

34.3 Modification processing and administration

34.3.0 Modification processing and administration

Supplier compliance with contractually required certifications, licensing and reporting must be verified prior to the execution of any contract modification increasing the contract's value or scope or any benefit or incentive to the supplier. The following information may assist the contract administrator's supplier validation process:

  • Validate supplier state debarment status on eVA website at: eVA Inactive Vendors List

  • Validate supplier federal debarment status on federal website if federal funds support the contract at:

  • Validate supplier state tax compliance status (e.g., no interception being conducted currently) by calling 804-367-8380 or by email to:

  • Validate that supplier is complying with its contractually obligated Supplier Procurement and Subcontracting Plan and reporting requirements because failure to do so may prohibit or delay any renewals or modifications of the contract.

  • Validate supplier sales/IFA reporting compliance (VITA only) by email to:

  • Validate supplier has a current authorization to transact business in the Commonwealth through obtaining a copy of supplier's current registration form and SCC identification number

Additionally, contract administrators must adhere to statutory requirements regarding contract modifications found in the Code of Virginia, in § 2.2-4309.

The contract administrator is required to be familiar with the contract's modification or amendment language and to ensure that the proposed modification can be done and is approved by all required stakeholders—primarily the supplier and the agency's business owner/project manager. The contract administrator will be responsible for ensuring that all modifications are processed in accordance with the contract and any statutory or federal (if the contract is federally funded) requirements/limitations. The following requisites apply to IT contract modifications:

  • All necessary approvals for any modification are validated in the contract file.

  • If funding is required for a modification, all funding is received and the funding change does not conflict with § 2.2-4309 of the Code of Virginia.

  • The modification does not create a conflict with any other provision of the contract.

  • Validation of the supplier's debarment status, state tax compliance and SWaM or sales/IFA reporting (if applicable) compliance is recorded in the file.

  • The modification does not conflict with related statutory regulations in the Code of Virginia and Virginia Public Procurement Act.

  • The supplier is required to sign the modification document before the agency does.

  • The format for the contract modification document is in accordance with the agency's protocol.

  • Notification to relevant stakeholders and updates to electronic records and contract or financial databases is in accordance with the agency's processes and procedures.

  • Copies of all fully executed versions are in the contract file

  • For VITA SCM, provide all contract modifications as required per SCM processes. Hard copies should be placed in the contract file. For statewide contracts that require web updates follow established processes.