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Chapter 34 - IT Contract Administration

34.2 Monitor contract compliance

34.2.8 Monitor invoicing and payment

The contract administration function may be required to process supplier invoices through approval cycles with the business owner/project manager before sending to the agency's payment office. However, the contract administrator should first confirm that invoices:

  • Include all detail and information specified in the contract,
  • Include pricing in accordance with the contract's pricing schedule,
  • Ensure no taxes are charged the agency and provide any exemption documentation to supplier
  • Reflect any performance penalty/incentive adjustments,
  • Include travel expenses that are authorized and in accordance with then-current Per Diem Amounts as published by the Virginia Department of Accounts,
  • Include any required signatory or certifications required in the contract,
  • Include any required supplemental reporting (i.e., monthly usage, monthly service level performance statistics)
  • Are accurate, complete and corrected by supplier before submitting for approval and payment.

The contract administrator may also be required to monitor that payments are made to the supplier in accordance with statutory regulations § 2.2-4350 or § 2.2-4352 of the Code of Virginia, as applicable, and to assist in resolving any supplier claims regarding payments.

Any claims arising out of a contractual dispute must be processed in accordance with § 2.2-4363 of the Code of Virginia. Refer to subsection 34.4.7 below for special discussion of final payments to supplier.