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Chapter 34 - IT Contract Administration

34.2 Monitor contract compliance

34.2.7 Coordinate/monitor transmittal of and access to government property/data

If the contract requires transfer of government property, information or data to the supplier for contract performance, the contract administration function must monitor all transmittals in accordance with the agency's property or asset/inventory management processes and procedures. For software and solution IT contracts, coordinating the receipt, distribution and storage of software configuration documentation may occur.

Written and signed transmittal documents must be maintained in the contract file. Additionally, if suppliers require access to the agency's facilities or equipment, the contract administrator will facilitate such access through the agency's security department. Should the transfer of government property, information or data or access to government facilities or equipment require the supplier's personnel to sign confidentiality or non-disclosure agreements, the contract administrator will facilitate this and maintain copies in the contract file.

This same coordination and monitoring would apply to any supplier-provided data, information, material or equipment provided to the agency on a temporary basis rather than as a contract deliverable.