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Chapter 34 - IT Contract Administration

34.0 Introduction

Information technology (IT) contract administration principles share many best practices with other procurement categories. However, due to the nature and increasing complexity of IT contracts, the Commonwealth's growing strategic and daily dependence on IT and the escalating importance of supplier and project performance, post-award administration requires the application of specialized IT best practices. The Commonwealth's rising dependence on technology necessitates the use of well-thought-out procurement and business processes during the procurement planning, sourcing, management and administration of IT acquisitions.

The process of contract administration begins with the solicitation documentation and continues through from the time of contract award until the work has been completed and accepted, any disputes or adjustments have been resolved, final payment has been made and the contract is formally closed out.

This chapter focuses on the post-award administration of IT contracts, which often have complex interdependencies or serious risk considerations for supporting the operational backbone of public safety and citizen services offered by the Commonwealth.