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Chapter 3 - VITA's Supply Chain Management (SCM)

3.4 Who does SCM serve?

SCM provides services to multiple audiences because it is a central pivot point in IT acquisitions for the Commonwealth. SCM customers span many business areas and include:

  • Commonwealth of Virginia taxpayers-SCM aggressively implements competition for IT procurements. Suppliers are asked to provide the best value at the best price for Virginians.
  • Virginia's IT suppliers-SCM provides a welcoming, fair, inclusive IT procurement opportunity process that encourages participation by DSBSD certified small businesses, including those small businesses owned by women, minorities- and service-disabled veterans, and micro  businesses.
  • Executive branch agencies, other public bodies and institutions of higher education within the Commonwealth-SCM procures IT goods and services required to fulfill their missions and goals through standardizing many infrastructure services, by establishing pre-negotiated, VPPA-compliant statewide technology contracts to mitigate technology risks, reduce the procurement process and budget, leverage the IT industry's best solutions and pricing/volume discounts and by providing guidance or approval for agency-specific IT procurements.