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Chapter 29 - Award and Post-Award of IT Contracts

Appendix B: Procurement File Checklist

RFP #:
PGR #: (if applicable)
IFB #:


PGR document (if applicable)    
Approval from CIO (as required)    
Justification to issue (RFP)    
Final draft of solicitation and contract template(s)    
Evaluation Criteria/weights    
Public notice of solicitation (State agencies must post in eVA and, if desired, a newspaper of general circulation. Localities are encouraged to post in eVA and must do so if they elect not to publish in a newspaper of general circulation in their area).    
List of SWAM suppliers solicited    
Amendments (if posted)    
Supplier Q & A (if posted)    
Pre-bid or Pre-proposal attendees    
Recording from Pre-bid (proposal) conference (if avail)    
List of suppliers submitting responses to solicitation    
Instructions to Evaluation Team (including non-disclosure agreement)    
Consensus evaluation form(s)    
Evaluation Team Report    
Check for Federal debarment. Print EPLS (    
Check Virginia tax status: (Irms.Support@Tax.Virginia.Gov)    
Check for Virginia debarment:    
Validate SCC identification no. for supplier authorization to transact business in the Commonwealth (    
Validate Supplier’s products or services are not included on the U.S. Homeland Security prohibition list. (Check with VITA Security if needed.)    
Validate supplier eVA registration    
If this is a Cloud procurement, validate that the required ECOS Security Assessment has been approved or requires contractual requirements or security exceptions.    
Notice of Award    
Final Contract (will go to contract file)