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Chapter 29 - Award and Post-Award of IT Contracts

29.1 Before award

29.1.2 "High risk contracts" require review by OAG and VITA

Prior to awarding a "high risk contract," as defined by § 2.2-4303.01 of the Code of Virginia, the solicitation (prior to posting) and the contract (prior to award) must be reviewed by both VITA and the OAG. Reviews will be conducted within 30 business days and will include an evaluation of the extent to which the contract complies with applicable state law, as well as an evaluation of the appropriateness of the contract's terms and conditions. The review will also ensure the inclusion of distinct and measureable performance metrics, as well as penalties and incentives, to be used in the event that the contract's performance metrics are not met.

Agencies are required to contact VITA's Supply Chain Management division (SCM) at: during the solicitation and contract planning stage prior to awarding a high risk contract. SCM will assist the agency in preparing and evaluating the contract and identifying and preparing the required performance metrics and enforcement provisions.