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Chapter 29 - Award and Post-Award of IT Contracts

29.1 Before award

29.1.1 Contractual requirements for major IT projects

A "major information technology project", as defined by § 2.2-2006 of the Code of Virginia, is any Commonwealth IT project that (a) has a total estimated cost of more than $1 million, or (b) has been designated a major IT project by the Secretary pursuant to § 2.2-225. Refer to §§ 2.2-2006, 2.2-2007(9), 2.2-2016.1 and 2.2-2020 of the Code of Virginia and Chapter 1 of this manual, VITA's Purpose and Scope, for detail regarding these requirements.

Contract terms and conditions for major information technology projects must include limitations on the liability of a supplier. According to § 2.2-2012.1 of the Code of Virginia, supplier liability for major IT project contracts may not exceed twice the aggregate value of the contract. Refer to Chapter 25 of this manual for more information on supplier liability limitations.