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Chapter 22 - IT Competitive Sealed Bidding / Invitation for Bid

Appendix A - IT IFB Process Overview

If you prefer that VITA conduct any particular technology procurement on your behalf contact: Otherwise, please refer to VITA’s Authority and Delegation Policy at: for IT procurement authority delegation and approval thresholds and compliance requirements. The following table provides a step-by- step reference for the IFB procurement process:





Review the statewide technology contracts available on VITA’s website ( to determine that there is no statewide technology contract available for the particular technology good or service to be procured.

Statewide contracts can offer significant price discounts over individual procurements.


Prepare the IFB document and include IT terms and conditions, technical and functional requirements and specifications, reporting or inspection requirements and any bidder qualifications. For access to VITA’s IT IFB Template, please contact


Post the IFB in eVA, and if desired, a newspaper of general circulation for at least 10 days prior to due date set for receipt of bids. Bids may be solicited directly from potential bidders.


Host a pre-bid conference, if applicable.


Issue any amendments that are necessary in eVA and answers to all questions received during bid period.


Receive and keep sealed bids until date and time stated in the IFB. Late bids shall not be considered.


Publicly open the bids on the specified date and time given in the IFB.


Read the bids aloud, including announcement of all bids received. Log the respondents’ names and bid totals.


Responsiveness of bids based upon the requirements set forth in the solicitation.


Determine if bids responsive, bidders responsible. The lowest responsive bidder is then evaluated to determine if the firm is responsible.


Award to the lowest responsive and responsible bidder. If the provision for award to other than the lowest priced bidder was included in the IFB, the award may be made to a reasonably priced DSBSD-certified small business bidder that is other than the lowest responsive and responsible bidder so long as it does not exceed 5 percent (5%) of the noncertified bidder. If the award is made to other than the lowest priced bidder, the award shall be made to the next lowest responsive and responsible DSBSD certified small business bidder.


Issue award.


Post award in eVA.


Await 10-day protest period.


Manage and administer the contract.