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Chapter 22 - IT Competitive Sealed Bidding / Invitation for Bid

22.9 Evaluating bids

22.9.0 Evaluating bids

Following public opening and announcement of bids received, the agency shall evaluate the bids received based upon the requirements set forth in the IFB. (See §2.2-4302.1 of the Code of Virginia.) During the evaluation period, bidders are not allowed to contact the procuring agency. The designated SPOC may contact a bidder for clarification, if needed, during the evaluation period. Any resulting contract must be awarded to the lowest responsible and responsive bidder whose bid meets the requirements and criteria set forth in the IFB. No bid shall be evaluated for any requirements or criteria that are not disclosed in the IFB. Bid responses are evaluated to determine compliance with all specifications and the ability of the bidders to perform.