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Chapter 22 - IT Competitive Sealed Bidding / Invitation for Bid

22.5 Cancelling an IFB

22.5.2 Cancelling an IFB after receipt of bids

When it is determined after bid opening and prior to award that the requirements relating to the availability and identification of specifications have not been met by any bidder(s), the IFB shall be cancelled. Such determination by the agency should be based on one or more of the following criteria:

  • Inadequate or ambiguous specifications were cited in the IFB.

  • Specifications have been revised.

  • The supplies or services being procured are no longer needed.

  • The IFB did not provide for consideration of all factors of cost.

  • Bids received indicate that the agency needs can be satisfied by a less expensive article differing from that on which the bids were invited.

  • All otherwise acceptable bids received are at unreasonable prices.

  • The bids were not independently arrived at in open competition, were collusive or were submitted in bad faith.

  • For other reasons, cancellation is in the agency best interests.


If the determination is made to cancel the IFB, the bids may be rejected and the IFB canceled using the following procedures:

  • A cancellation notice must be posted promptly in eVA and all websites displaying the IFB at the time the decision to cancel the IFB has been reached.

  • Bidders should be notified in writing that the IFB has been cancelled and that duplicate bids, if provided, will be destroyed unless the bidder requests their return, at the bidder's expense.

  • The opened bids will remain as part of the procurement file.

  • The reasons for cancellation or rejection shall be made part of the procurement file.