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Chapter 22 - IT Competitive Sealed Bidding / Invitation for Bid

22.4 Modifications, clarifications and revisions to the IFB

22.4.1 Modifications to the IFB

When it becomes necessary to issue an amendment to a posted IFB, the amendment must be made by written amendment, which will be posted in eVA. Amendments should be issued in order to  make any modifications to the original IFB including quantity, purchase descriptions, delivery schedules, opening dates or to correct defects or ambiguities in the IFB. Amendments should furnish to other bidders all information given to one bidder if the information will assist other bidders in submitting bids or if the lack of information would be inequitable to other bidders. When an addendum is issued that extends the time for the bidder to prepare an IFB response, the opening date should be extended not less than 10 days after the issue date of the addendum. Any amendments to an IFB should meet the following guidelines:

  • Be a legitimate change that is necessary due to unforeseen circumstances or predicaments which occur as the procurement progresses. This change must have been unforeseen at time of the IFB posting and not be an attempt to evade competition.


  • Be within the scope of the original IFB.