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Chapter 22 - IT Competitive Sealed Bidding / Invitation for Bid

22.15 Cancellation of award prior to performance

When an agency determines after an award has been made but before performance has begun that its requirements for the technology goods and services have changed since the IFB was issued, the award or contract may be canceled and either re-awarded or a new IFB may be issued if it is determined in writing that one or more of the following circumstances occurred:

  • Inadequate or ambiguous specifications were cited in the IFB.

  • Specifications included in the original IFB have since been revised.

  • Supplies or services being procured through the original IFB are no longer required.

  • The IFB did not provide for consideration of all factors of cost.

  • The bids received in response to the IFB indicate that the needs of the agency can be satisfied by a less expensive article differing from the specifications included in the original IFB.

  • The bids received did not appear in the agency's opinion to be not independently arrived at or in open competition. The bids were collusive or were submitted in bad faith.

  • An administrative error of the issuing agency was discovered prior to performance.

  • The agency has decided that cancellation of the award is in the best interest of the public.