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Chapter 22 - IT Competitive Sealed Bidding / Invitation for Bid

22.11 Withdrawal of bids and bid mistakes, alterations and amendments

22.11.2 Withdrawal of bid after bid opening

A bidder may withdraw its bid within two business days after conclusion of the bid opening by written request if there is reasonable proof that an inadvertent mistake was made and the correction cannot be determined with reasonable certainty. Inadvertent means inattentive or unobservant, due to oversight or without intention. If the agency suspects that the lowest bid contains a mistake, the SPOC may ask the bidder for written confirmation of its bid. If the lowest responsive bid is 25% (or more) lower than the next low bid, the bidder should be contacted to confirm the bid price. This does not relieve a bidder from the responsibility for the submission of a correct bid. If the bidder then alleges a mistake in bid and can verify to the agency satisfaction that it was a nonjudgmental mistake, the bid may be withdrawn.