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Chapter 22 - IT Competitive Sealed Bidding / Invitation for Bid

22.1 Preparing and issuing an IFB

22.1.1 Terms and conditions

Terms and conditions in an IFB are non-negotiable. It is imperative that the IFB include all mandatory, statutory and other terms and conditions required by the Commonwealth and by the procuring agency. Additionally, the IFB must include any special IT a terms and conditions required by VITA or any Federal grant mandatory flow down. The terms or conditions must also include how the agency will publicly post the notice of award or announce a decision to award the contract. IFBs should include a statement that "Any vendor-supplied terms that are in addition to or at variance with the Commonwealth's will be of no effect." It is recommended NOT to issue any IFB for cloud services solutions, since IFBs are non-negotiable and the required Additional Cloud Services Terms and Conditions are often negotiated.