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Chapter 20 - Joint and/or Cooperative and GSA Contract IT Procurements

20.1 Purchases from joint and/or cooperative procurements (non-GSA Schedule 70)

20.1.9 Contract award and administration

Once a decision has been made to award a joint and/or cooperative IT contract, the lead agency should do the following:

  • Notify participating members of the award and provide electronic copies of the entire contract.

  • Provide written guidelines for contract administration and contract management.

  • Maintain a list of all authorized contract users.

  • Contractual disputes relating to a particular purchase order should be handled by the affected joint and/or cooperative member and those relating to the contract as a whole by the lead governmental entity.

  • Establish a supplier performance reporting system for all members to report and monitor supplier performance on a regular basis. Many public bodies have additional reporting requirements including statutory reporting (i.e., SWaM and non-SWaM subcontractor reporting) identified in the contract.

  • Require the supplier to provide periodic contract sales reports. The lead contracting agency should obtain a volume purchase report for the term of the contract from the supplier prior to contract expiration or renewal action. This data can be used to support estimated usage for the next solicitation or when evaluating contractor requested price adjustments.

  • Invite participating members to comment on proposed contract extensions, renewals and amendments.

  • Negotiate deeper discounts based on projected volume sales or if actual purchases exceed estimates.

  • Provide plenty of time for procuring replacement contracts.