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Chapter 20 - Joint and/or Cooperative and GSA Contract IT Procurements

20.1 Purchases from joint and/or cooperative procurements (non-GSA Schedule 70)

20.1.10 Joint and/or cooperative procurements resulting in high risk contracts

Section 2.2-4303.01 of the Code of Virginia defines "high risk contracts" and outlines review and evaluation criteria for all public procurements which may result in a high risk contract.

Any IT procurement that is anticipated to result in a high risk contract must be reviewed by VITA and the Office of the Attorney General (OAG) before the solicitation can be issued. Solicitations and contracts anticipated to meet the criteria of "high risk", as defined in § 2.2-4303.01(A) of the Code of Virginia will be reviewed by VITA and OAG. Reviews of high risk solicitations and contracts will be conducted within 30 business days and evaluate the following:

  • The solicitation's/contract's compliance with state law and policy.

  • The inclusion of distinct and measurable supplier performance metrics

    • with clear enforcement provisions, including clearly outlines penalties and incentives, to be used in the event that contract performance measures are not met.
  • The legality and appropriateness of the solicitation/contract terms and conditions.

Agencies are required to contact VITA's Supply Chain Management Division (SCM) at: during the contract preparation stage for assistance with preparing and evaluating the proposed contract's terms and conditions.

VITA's High Risk Contracts Policy can be found on our website, accessible through the following link: Also see Chapter 25 of this manual, "IT Contract Formation".