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Chapter 20 - Joint and Cooperative and GSA Contracts

20.0 Introduction

The Virginia Public Procurement Act (VPPA) addresses joint and/or cooperative procurements in §2.2-4304 and §2.2-2012(B). Joint and/or cooperative procurement contracts can provide convenient vehicles for agencies to buy IT goods and services. Instead of seeking quotes, bids or proposals, public bodies select products and services from the joint and/or cooperative contract catalog, saving considerable time and effort. Agencies can also be assured that the contract was conducted in accordance with the sponsoring state’s or locality’s procurement laws or regulations. Most joint and/or cooperative procurement arrangements utilize rigorous standards when establishing contracts. Joint and/or cooperative procurement arrangements can save significant time and money in obtaining an information technology (IT) product or service and may result in lower pricing through the power of aggregation. Joint and/or cooperative procurements may also help realize supplier diversity initiatives.

All public bodies including agencies and institutions must request CIO approval:

  • To sponsor, conduct or administer a joint and/or cooperative procurement arrangement for IT goods and services regardless of the amount of the resulting
  • To purchase IT goods and services from GSA IT or other approved GSA Contracts regardless of the amount of the planned

Joint and/or cooperative purchasing also allows for the General Services Administration (GSA) to provide states and localities access to certain items offered through the GSA's Federal Supply Information Technology (IT) contracts, containing IT special item numbers (SINs). The information technology (IT) available to state and local governments includes automated data processing equipment (including firmware), software, supplies, support equipment, and services.