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Chapter 10 - General IT Procurement Policies

10.26 Public-Private Education Facilities and Infrastructure Act (PPEA) procedures for state agencies and institutions

10.26.3 Proposal format for submission of proposals

Proposal format for conceptual proposals. Proposals shall provide a straightforward, concise delineation of capabilities, experience and approach. Elaborate brochures and/or excessive promotional materials are not required or desirable. Firms that submit proposals may be required to make an oral presentation of their proposal with participation by key personnel. All information requested in the Section VI (A) "FORMAT FOR SUBMISSION OF CONCEPTUAL PROPOSALS" must be included in any proposal submitted to VITA. In addition, all submitted proposal should also contain the following in addition to the requirements of the Model Procedures:

  • Project Characteristics:
    • Proposal should include sufficient data, analysis and information sufficient to satisfy VITA that the project would serve a public purpose as required by the PPEA.
    • Provide information about how the project is aligned with Virginia's strategic goals for technology.
  • Financing:
    • Proposal must include sufficient financial information which evidences the proposer's financial stability and an ability to provide financing to support the project.
    • The financial plan for the proposed project must contain enough detail, including cost benefit and tax analysis studies, so that an analysis will reveal whether the proposed financing is feasible.
  • References:
    • Each proposal should provide reference information for three to five successful relevant projects completed by the proposer.
    • References should include the following information:
      • Project owner/sponsor (business name and address)
      • Owner's project manager (name, telephone and fax numbers)
      • Project summary, budget and final cost
      • Project schedule (proposed and actual)
  • Lawsuits or arbitration proceedings:
    • Each proposal should include a list and explanation of all lawsuits and arbitration proceedings during the past three years involving any of the proposing firms or any of its principles.

Proposal format for detailed proposals. A detailed proposal should not depart significantly from the technical approach or financing plan described in the conceptual proposal. If a proposer departs significantly in either respect, VITA may reject the detailed proposal as non-compliant. In particular, adoption of significant aspects or characteristics of a competing conceptual proposal will normally result in disqualification and rejection of a detailed proposal. At any time during the detailed stage, VITA may ask a proposer to provide additional information, data, analysis or any other information needed to sufficiently review the project. If necessary to protect additional confidential proprietary information which may be included in the detailed proposal, VITA and the proposer will modify the previously executed agreement on protection of confidential information as needed.

Requirements for both conceptual and detailed proposals. All PPEA proposals (conceptual phase and detailed phase) should follow the following format:

  • All submitted proposals shall be clearly marked as a "PPEA Proposal."
  • To be considered, one original and five (5) copies and one electronic copy of any unsolicited or solicited proposals must be submitted.
  • The applicable fee must be paid to VITA for all unsolicited proposals.
  • The cover page must include the title of the proposal, the name and address of the proposing entity, the individual authorized to act on behalf of the proposer and his or her telephone and facsimile numbers and email address.
  • An authorized representative of the firm or consortium making the proposal must sign the proposal.
  • Each proposal should include an executive summary, which includes a summary of organizational structure, size of the firm(s), brief history, and areas of expertise which qualify the firm for the work and full range of services required for the proposed project.
  • All pages of the proposal should be consecutively numbered.
  • The proposal should contain a table of contents which cross references the requirements by category.
  • Each copy of the proposal should be bound or otherwise contained in a single volume where practicable.
  • All proposal documentation for which a claim of confidentiality is made should be submitted in a separately bound clearly marked volume for convenience of review by VITA and to reduce the potential for inadvertent disclosure.
  • All PPEA proposals should be submitted via mail or hand delivery to:

    Chief Information Officer
    C/O VITA, PPEA Proposals
    7325 Beaufont Springs Drive
    Richmond, VA 23225