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Chapter 10 - General IT Procurement Policies

10.26 Public-Private Education Facilities and Infrastructure Act (PPEA) procedures for state agencies and institutions

10.26.10 Applicability of other laws

Virginia's constitutional and federal and state statutory requirements governing appropriation and expenditure of public funds apply to any comprehensive agreement entered into between VITA and any proposer under the PPEA. Accordingly, the processes and procedural requirements associated with the expenditure or obligation of public funds by VITA shall be incorporated into any PPEA proposal.

Although the VPPA (§§ 2.2-4300 et seq. of the Code of Virginia) does not apply to qualifying projects submitted pursuant to the PPEA, the requirements of state and federal appropriations acts do apply wherever appropriated funds will be involved in the financing of a qualifying project. Proposals incorporating the use of state and/or federal funds should address how those proposals are consistent with the legal restrictions imposed in appropriations acts.

In soliciting or entertaining proposals under the PPEA, agencies shall comply with all applicable federal, state and local laws not in conflict with the PPEA. Likewise, in submitting proposals and in developing, executing or operating facilities under the PPEA, Private entities shall comply with all applicable federal state and local laws. Such laws may include, but not necessarily be limited to, contractual obligations which require Workers Compensation insurance coverage, performance bonds or payment bonds from approved sureties, compliance with the Virginia Prompt Payment Act, compliance with the Ethics in Public Contracting Act and compliance with environmental laws, workplace safety laws, and state or local laws governing contractor or trade licensing, building codes and building permit requirements.

Departments, agencies and institutions of the Commonwealth of Virginia are constitutionally prohibited from expending funds that are not appropriated by the Virginia General Assembly. Therefore, expenditure of state funds in support of an interim or comprehensive agreement requires and must be conditioned upon such appropriation of funds.

Proposals should avoid the creation of state-supported debt; however, should a proposal include such debt, procedures to secure specific approval by the Governor, General Assembly, the Department of Planning and Budget, the Department of the Treasury, and any other appropriate entities must be included in the proposal. In addition, a clear and detailed alternative if such approval is not achieved must be provided.

Any Agency considering construction of facilities through solicited or unsolicited proposals shall be responsible for ensuring compliance with the provisions of § 10.1-1188 of the Code of Virginia as it regards environmental issues and the need for an Environmental Impact Report.

In accordance with existing state law, or pursuant to directive from the Governor's Office, other Agencies may also have a right and/or responsibility with respect to the project and the Contractor's compliance with the terms of the comprehensive agreement.

While procedures incorporated in these guidelines are consistent with those of §§ 2.2-4301 et seq. of the Code of Virginia. Under § 56-575.1, the VPPA shall not apply to actions under the Public-Private Education Facilities and Infrastructure Act.