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Chapter 10 - General IT Procurement Policies

10.23 Unsolicited proposals

VITA encourages its suppliers to submit new and innovative technology ideas by submitting unsolicited proposals. The submission of these proposals allows for VITA to consider unique and innovative ideas or approaches that have been developed in the private sector and to bring those innovations into state government. Any supplier who is considering submitting an unsolicited proposal to VITA for IT should adhere to the following rules:

  • The IT idea or concept being proposed must be innovative and unique.

  • The technology concept or idea must be independently originated and developed by the offeror submitting the unsolicited proposal.

  • All unsolicited proposals must be prepared without Commonwealth assistance, endorsement, direction or involvement.

  • The unsolicited proposal must include sufficient detail to permit a determination if it would be worthwhile for the Commonwealth to study and/or consider.

  • The unsolicited proposal cannot be an advance proposal for a known agency or Commonwealth requirement that can be acquired through competitive methods. The proposal should not address a previously published agency requirement or need.

  • All solicited and unsolicited proposals and all solicited and unsolicited ideas for innovation or improvement are submitted at the risk of and expense of the offeror, and create no financial or legal obligation on the part of the Commonwealth.

  • Any ideas or information contained in an unsolicited proposal may be used freely by the Commonwealth and no restriction on the Commonwealth's use of such ideas, proposals or the information contained therein shall arise in connection with such submission.

  • A favorable comprehensive evaluation of an unsolicited proposal by VITA does not, in itself; justify awarding a contract without providing for competition. No preference shall be given to any offeror that initially offers the unsolicited proposal. If it is determined by the evaluation that goods or services required by the agency and offered in an unsolicited written proposal are practicably available from only one source, a buyer may negotiate and award a contract following the VITA's sole source procedures. The buyer shall post a notice of award for ten (10) calendar days.

All unsolicited proposals for IT and are submitted to VITA with the following proviso(s):

  • All unsolicited proposals are submitted at the risk of and expense of the offeror and with no obligation on the part of the VITA or the Commonwealth.

  • Unsolicited proposals must contain no restrictions on the Commonwealth's or VITA's use of any ideas, proposals or the information contained in such proposals.

  • VITA may charge a fee for review of an unsolicited proposal.

  • A minimum fee of $1,000 (or greater) may be charged for review of unsolicited proposals under a specified amount ($50,000) and an increased fee schedule over that amount. Proposals requiring technical review would be billed on an hourly basis as appropriate for time spent in review.

  • All unsolicited proposals will be evaluated for their participation and encouragement of small businesses including women and minority-owned businesses and businesses owned by service-disabled veterans.

Unsolicited proposals shall be submitted in writing directly to VITA's Supply Chain Management Division at Favorable evaluation by VITA or the Commonwealth of an unsolicited proposal does not in itself justify procurement or awarding a contract without VITA first putting out the proposal for competition and providing for competitive negotiation or competitive sealed bidding, as required.