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Chapter 10 - General IT Procurement Policies

10.22 Procurements which require FCC licensing

All facilities, equipment and services that require Federal Communications Commission (FCC) licensing (e.g., uplinks, television and radio broadcast frequencies, microwave, two-way radio), etc., are the responsibility of VITA to coordinate and acquire. All agencies, whether in scope or not, must submit all supporting documentation to the agency or institution's assigned agency telecomm coordinator (ATC) or submit a request through VCCC prior to any acquisition of telecommunications equipment or service. There is no dollar amount associated with this requirement. Any device requiring FCC authorization or licensing must be approved by VITA. If the equipment or services are on a current VITA state contract, VITA will approve the procurement and return the request with the appropriate written approval. If the equipment or services are not currently available through an existing contract process, VITA will acquire the requested goods or services on behalf of the requesting agency or institution.