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Chapter 10 - General IT Procurement Policies

10.20 Evaluation products and testing

Evaluation products may be requested to verify quality levels or to test equipment to determine conformance with the specifications stipulated in a solicitation and/or to determine ability to interface with existing equipment. Evaluation products may only be requested when conducting a formal solicitation. A request for an evaluation product must be clearly indicated in the solicitation. Return of evaluation products submitted will be at supplier's risk and expense. Evaluation products required in a bid or proposal must be submitted prior to the solicitation due date. Failure to submit requested evaluation products may result in rejection of bid or proposal. Evaluation products should be properly labeled, stored and controlled by the receiving public body until no longer needed. All evaluation products submitted are subject to testing. Those not destroyed during testing may be returned at the bidder's or offeror's expense. Evaluation products of the successful supplier may be held for comparison with deliveries.

If, after 30 days, the evaluation products have not been picked up and suppliers fail to provide disposition instructions, evaluation products may be offered to other agencies or internal operating departments for use. Evaluation products not picked up by bidder within 30 days of award will become the property of the Commonwealth. If the items have significant reusable utility value, they should be disposed of using established property disposal procedures. The procurement file must be documented as to disposition of all evaluation products.