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Independent Validation & Verification

This page provides links to special tools used in Commonwealth Project Management (CPM) related activities. 



IV&V is a quality assurance process, carried out by an independent third party, that was originally developed from a best practice introduced by NASA. IT projects assigned to Commonwealth Project Governance Assessment (CPGA) categories 1, 2, and 3 require IV&Vs per the Project Management Standard. The IV&V SOR template has been designed specifically for requesting IV&V services. Below is the IV&V SOR template and the 4 attachments required for IV&V engagements that are noted in the SOR template. 


Online Review & Comment Application (ORCA)

The Online Review and Comment Application (ORCA) allows individuals to provide specific comments on draft or published documents. Using ORCA, any person can comment on a document and save their comments to the ORCA database for later review by the appropriate VITA staff. 

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