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ITSP Updates: Budget Biennium

The budget biennium planning cycle is a continual process. In the spring of an odd calendar year (e.g., 2007), before the start of the next biennium, agency strategic and service area plans will be reviewed and updated.

  • July: Plans will be submitted to support the base budget submissions in August.

  • September: There will be an opportunity to update the plans to support the submission of budget decision packages.

  • January: Plans will be updated based on the Governor's proposed budget.

  • April - May: Plans will undergo a final update after the budget has been finalized.

As the activities of any organization can change, based upon any number of internal or external factors, there will be opportunities over the course of the biennium to realign agency and service area plans according to changing demands.

Budget Biennium Overview

Click on the links below for detailed information about each step in the Budget Biennium ITSP Updates process: