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ITSP Update Processes Overview

There are three types of IT Strategic Plan (ITSP) updates that occur:

  • Budget biennium update which occurs every 2 years;
  • Budget cycle updates which synchronize the strategic plan with budget decision packages, the Governor's Budget, and the approved Appropriation Act; and,
  • Ad hoc updates which occur as a result of an immediate pressing business requirement.

The last three links in the blue navigation box point to detailed ITSP update process flows along with corresponding explanations of the process steps.

Writing the ITSP is a collaborative effort between the business and IT divisions within the agency. It cannot be written without input and involvement from both parties. Information technology supports the business mission, goals, and objectives, and a well written ITSP demonstrates this connection in two sections: the IT Summary Section and Appendix A.

The purpose of the IT Summary Section is to provide a view of the agency's information technology investments across the agency as well as across the enterprise and to explain how these investments support the business goals and objectives of the Commonwealth of Virginia as established by the Council on Virginia's Future, the Commonwealth of Virginia Strategic Plan for Information Technology, and the agency. It is organized into four sections:

  • Current State and Issues;
  • Factors Impacting Information Technology;
  • Anticipated Changes and Desired State (of the agency IT investment portfolio); and,
  • Agency IT Investments.

The information provided within these sections provides an opportunity for the agency to identify its internally- and externally-driven IT challenges and to identify solutions that, when implemented, will achieve the agency's desired future IT state. The agency should also provide a summary of the financial investment required to implement its IT strategies as well as a total cost of ownership for information technology.

Appendix A of the agency strategic plan lists all proposed IT investments, which consist of new IT initiatives, active IT initiatives for which funding is already allocated or needed during the next biennium, along with the required financial investment associated with these initiatives. In the appendix, IT investments are identified as projects or procurements and are aligned with the service areas they support. The Information Technology Summary must explain how the IT investments recorded in Appendix A support the business goals and objectives of both the agency and the Commonwealth of Virginia and how these investments will move the agency from its current state to its targeted future state both from a business as well as an IT perspective.