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Commonwealth Technology Portfolio

The Commonwealth has implemented a commercial-off-the-shelf portfolio management application - Oracle Primavera Portfolio Management (OPPM), that has been business-configured to automate portfolio management processes allowing agencies to manage their business needs and technology investments like a portfolio. This Web-based tool enables agencies to choose and execute upon those IT investments that provide the greatest return to the needs of the citizens of the Commonwealth of Virginia.

The current CTP software is Oracle Primavera Portfolio Management 18.0.1 (Aug 2019)

CTP software requires updating Internet Explorer Compatibility View Settings

Recommended Client Operating Systems and Utilities Specifications:

Windows 7, 8.1, 10 (Note: Java Runtime Environment is no longer required for Investor Map use)

Mac OS X 10.11 (El Capitan)

Windows Surface

Microsoft Edge
Safari 9.0

Microsoft Office:
Microsoft Office 2003 SP3
Microsoft Office 2007

Microsoft Office 2010
Microsoft Office 2013

Minimum Client:
Pentium IV, 1 GHz or higher
512 MB RAM

How to Request Access to the CTP:

The Commonwealth Technology Portfolio Tool (CTP) is a secure website that uses single sign authentication using the Commonwealth of Virginia (COV) domain login id and password to provide access to the tool. To request access, please follow the steps below

  1. Contact VCCC for a ticket; request access to the Commonwealth Technology Portfolio, and ask that the ticket be assigned to VITA-CTP-PPM APPLICATION"” (PMD) to validate business need for access.
    Note: New users must have completed CTP training or have scheduled training prior to access being granted to the tool. Training information can be found at: Project Management Training

  2. VITA will contact the user and agency information technology resource (AITR) to validate business need and access roles and responsibilities. VITA will also provide an email POC for step below.

  3. After VITA validation of access need, the agency AITR will request through the COV Account Request application,, a COV account request. Under “Account Request Selection:” choose COV Network Account. In Section 1, For ”Type of Request” choose “Modify”.

  4. Follow form directions for Section 2;
    in Section 3 for “Add/Remove User from Access Groups or Distribution Lists?” choose “Yes”. This will open a text box, under the heading” Add User to the following Distribution Lists:” type ProSight Users Group”.
    Follow form instructions for the rest of Section 3, 4, and 5.

  5. In Section 6: “Agency Authorized Account Request Approver Information” provide the agency AITR email for “Agency Approver's Email 1” For “Agency Approver's Email 2” provide the email of the VITA POC. Submit the form.

  6. VITA POC will approve the request and forward the request to VCCC. The ITP will complete the account modification and notify VITA and AITR upon completion.

  7. VITA will complete account/role setup within the application and send a “Welcome to the Commonwealth Technology Portfolio” email to the new user. The email will include further instructions and guidelines for using the application.

Once CTP access is granted, COV passwords can be managed through the COV Account Center.

Register your COV account using the Password Registration app

You can register your COV account using the online tool by going to and answering the questions and prompts. This tool will allow you to unlock your COV account or change your password without VCCC intervention.

How to Access the CTP:

The URL is

Add this link to your Favorites menu or a shortcut icon on your desktop.

Trouble Accessing CTP?

The most common issue is COV password expiration - contact VCCC or use the Password Reset tool to update the account. Another common issue source is IE settings; see the IE Settings for using the Commonwealth Technology Portfolio (CTP) document to check your settings.

If you have trouble with the CTP display, try the following:

  1. Make sure IE Compatibility View Settings is off

  2. Make sure your zoom is set to 100%

  3. Clear your browser cache.

  4. In IE Tools, Internet Options, Advanced tab/ Security, the setting “Enable native XMLHTTP support” must be checked.

Role-based security:

CTP allows individual portfolio and investment data to be protected at the read as well as the write levels. All agency portfolios and their items (projects and procurements) are readable by all agency users unless special provisions are in place. Permissions to create or edit data are set by role and by agency.

Major roles within the CTP are:

  • Agency information technology resource (AITR)
  • Agency user (Project Managers, other agency-defined users)
  • Agency head
  • Secretariat
  • CIO
  • Project mangement division (analysts and investment managers)
  • Observer (read only)

Features of the CTP Tool:

My Processes: VITA has developed process flows that guide step-by-step the ITIM processes, as well as specific role-based processes for agency users.

Forms: Forms are the center for data-entry in OPPM. VITA has provided intuitive data management screens which provide a simple means to capture or review IT investment data. Forms are structured by the overall ITIM process flow.

Scorecards: Scorecards provide a consistent framework for monitoring and communicating the status and health of agency IT investments. It creates an early-warning system to alert managers to potential crises and provide meaningful dialogue within the Commonwealth on the status of key performance indicators. Scorecards also facilitate automated approval processes.

Investor Maps: Executive leadership can be provided a visual portrayal of the investment strategy using ITIM data held in the CTP. Analysts will be able to interact with the Investor Maps by drilling down for more specific information on investments and performing "what if" scenario planning to determine the optimal portfolio mix.

Dashboards: Dashboards provide visual graphs and instant insight into an individual technology investment, a group of investments or a specific criterion. This feature enables agencies to focus in on key performance indicators and trends critical to their specific areas of interest and responsibility.

Workbook: Workbooks are personalized pages that aggregate investment details, action items, checklists, contact information and more into a single, dynamic module to support and automate daily management activities.

Document Repository: The Commonwealth Technology Portfolio is the system of record for all Commonwealth IT Portfolio Management Documentation. The CTP tool allows agencies to upload documents associated with the IT investments.

OPPM User's Group (PUG):

Meets as required.

Training Materials:

IT Investment Management

IT Investment Management (ITIM) is the structured process the Commonwealth uses to manage technology investments, to ensure IT aligns with business needs and to maximize return on investments. Training materials include an overview of ITIM and information on the ITIM Standard.

Introduction to Oracle Primavera Portfolio Management

Provides an overview of the new portfolio management tool CTP Tool Overview

Training Manuals

These manuals provide the Virginia Information Technologies Agency (VITA) instruction on how to use the portfolio application to manage information technology investments which includes IT strategic planning information, project management templates, information, status reporting and PGRs.