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EIA Scorecard

In August 2012, Commonwealth Data Governance implemented the EIA Scorecard – a survey instrument designed to capture information on the “current state” of EIA across the commonwealth.

EIA Scorecard Background:

  • Modeled on Gartner’s EAScore methodology
  • Adapted to align with the Commonwealth’s EIA elements of the Enterprise Architecture Policy 200-02
  • Measured agency activity in the core EIA program areas:

EIA Scorecard Result Highlights:

  • Respondents covered a range of commonwealth agencies, with a high degree of representation from across small, medium and large size agencies
  • More than 70% of respondents said they agreed or strongly agreed that their agency engaged in EIA activities
  • Most respondents (50% or more) also said their agency was actively implementing or preparing to implement primary EIA deliverables
  • A majority of respondents (60%) said their agency had internal governance-related activities but only limited engagement in commonwealth-wide governance
  • Just over half (56%) of the respondents said their agency maintained metadata for their enterprise information assets
  • More than 80% of the respondents said their agency implemented data standards
  • However, these tended to be internal standards (63%) rather than commonwealth (20%) or external (11%) standards
  • More than half (50%-55%) gave favorable responses to the commonwealth’s EIA program on each of the key measures
  • Commonwealth EIA received the highest rating (72%) on its publication of adopted standards in the Web-based standards repository
  • A majority (84%) of the respondents said their agency actively exchanges data with other entities
  • Of these agencies
    • 76% said the exchanges helped to maximize the value of their data assets
    • 90% viewed data sharing critical for achieving business objectives
    • 80% had integrated shared data into their performance/outcome measurement systems

Access a full set of the EIA Scorecard summary tables